The Emperor

All About The Emperor, One of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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The Emperor

The Emperor Description

The Emperor has an air of authority about him like a father figure would. He has laid solid foundations which offer a sense of security and protection. The Emperor has a fairly domineering character and can be a little overbearing and controlling at times although this behavior is born out of love and a desire to protect.

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Emperor Upright

It symbolizes achievement, worldly power as opposed to spiritual. Overcoming past difficulties, trust, wealth, stability, Person trained to instruct and give advice to others, influential person, father, brother, husband, boss. Seriousness, desire to hold, greed and pride, Order law, Senility immobility, Meekness, be separated from the vital energy. Liberation of passions, wealth, ambition, intelligence, riches and power, person that is controlled, authority, firm, law, order, powerful protector, dominant person, reason over emotions. Physical plane hepatic and circulatory heart diseases, lungs, bronchi, pelvis.

Emperor Reversed

Lack of maturity. Lack of strength, indecision and incapacity, for own weakness of character. Lack of ambition, loss of office, false morals, immaturity, selfishness, impotence, loss of support, property, business, work, family problems and with superiors. Together with justice, respect for the laws, if justice is inverted ILLEGALITY.

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