The Moon

All About The Moon, One of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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The Moon

The Moon Description

The Moon reflects a period of uncertainty and fluctuation. It encourages us to listen to our intuition and pay attention to our dreams. There could be an element of deception in a situation and if so we will sense it, although we may not be sure exactly what it is we are picking up on. We mustn’t allow this confusion to cause disillusionment or depression, instead we should follow our intuition yet conduct a rational assessment of the situation to learn how best to deal with it.

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Moon Upright

It announces problematic and confusing situations, fantasy, nervous, neurotic disorders, little clarity, anguish before the problems, and little decision to solve them, secret loves, loss of reputation, sexual relations with relatives, lack of morals or ethics, premonitory dreams, complexes and traumas, self-deception, Physical plane.- deep depressions, mythomania, hysteria, or neurosis, constipation back. Let yourself be carried away by your intuition. This letter suggests that you thoroughly analyze the origin of your problems, do not settle for superficial reasons.

Moon Reversed

Indicates shady or dark feelings, uncontrolled passions, capricious possessive and neurotic character. Transient nervous alteration, cowardice, lies and confusion. lack of energy psychological fear, mental anguish, phobias, guilt fears paranoia, flat Material treason fraud hidden enemies. It also talks about the possibility of economic or emotional blackmail, the appearance of illusions, imbalances of all kinds, defamations and lies, psychic disorders and phobias. Dependence on chemical substances.

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