Wheel Of Fortune

All About Wheel Of Fortune, One of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune Description

The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes sudden changes in fortune, good or bad. These changes can be quite significant and either way but the change is necessary for growth. When the wheel turns it brings with it a new chapter and new opportunities. We must act on any impulses however small as it is these small impulses that can bring about a turn of fate.

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Wheel Of Fortune Upright

It announces happiness and success. Approach for the solution of a problem. This letter represents important changes in your life. The time has come when you begin to produce your own changes. The wheel is movement, mental understanding. It means success and fortune. Good fortune, balance, luck in the professional, new cycle, evolution, positive change and luck. Big profits, easy money, falling in love, increase of assets increase of salary, end of problems, possible luck in chance. Travel with possible romance, sentimental harmony, possible marriage. Physical plane.- anxiety. Stress, disorders

Wheel Of Fortune Reversed

Failure, bad luck, miserable destiny, adversity. Sentimental failure, loss of property or money, The changes we expect will be stopped or stopped. Waste, boredom, feeling of stagnation. Circular thoughts. Fixed ideas

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