The World

All About The World, One of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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The World

The World Description

The World card is a symbol of completion, all our ambitions manifest and we taste the sweetness of success. A cycle has ended with joy and high spirits, everything has come together as planned and we can enjoy the good times. The end of one cycle leads to the beginning of another and so The World can bring about big positive changes .

This card can also indicate overseas connections or travel.

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World Upright

This arcanum talks about realization and control over situations. Reflection of life. It means travel, material power, success and rewards, happy ending, friends who watch over us, eternal life, fame, happiness, rewards rewards. Long trips, strokes of luck, triumph in exams, oppositions. Good health, recovery of health, the consultant is ambitious and likes to emphasize care about luxury and good hotels, restaurants, advertising promotion, fame, fortune, long life, creativity in art. Physical plane.- Alcoholism, narcotics, exciting.

World Reversed

Indicates lack of will and stagnation, sacrifice for love, social obstacles. Enemies and obstacles to success, benefits that take time to arrive, lack of knowledge, pride, vanity, disappointments, depressive tendencies, impossible loves, love breaks. In the field of health, it warns of the stagnation of a disease process, as well as premature aging and pessimism.

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