The Fool

All About The Fool, One of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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The Fool

The Fool Description

The Fool symbolizes fresh starts and new chapters. Opportunities arise but to capitalize on them will require an element of risk. The Fool represents fearlessness and encourages us to embrace the youthful spirit that encourages us to jump into the unknown with hope and optimism.

Sometimes we need to take a gamble in life; we may not know what the future holds but if we do nothing then we get nothing back.

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Fool Upright

Do not take life too seriously. All things are transient. Keep a casual relationship with your impulses, keep your feet on the ground. Unconscious.- persecutory manias, claustrophobia, nervous system, imaginary diseases, pessimism, madness and alcoholism. It can mean entry into a life cycle, immaturity, overwhelmed imagination, wrong decision, person wasting his health and energy in wrong enterprises, marital problems, sexual excesses, excessive gambling expenses. Ignorance, infidelity, search for something that is not known to be. With the devil near drug addiction.

Fool Reversed

Serious problems born of reckless action, wrong decisions or lack of reflection, which leads to failure. Announces symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, confusion and symbolizes the absurd, madness and chaos. .- lack of analysis, bisexuality, material losses, egocentrism, hobbies

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