The Sun

All About The Sun, One of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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The Sun

The Sun Description

The Sun is an extremely positive card to see in a spread. It reflects a time of happiness and optimism, there’s a sense of achievement and contentment. We have clarity, we’re on the right path and we are starting to see the benefits and rewards of our past efforts.

Sometimes the Sun can represent hot places abroad, literally sunshine and that summertime feeling.

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Sun Upright

Radiant life source of energy. Expansion shared love, happiness, vitality, protection, pleasure to live, success, peace, clear ideas. Increase in power, said benefits, good marriage, vitality, fame, generosity, satisfactory sexual relationships, romantic and pleasurable. Physical plane.- Cardiovascular affections, sunstroke, burns, scars. Accompanying the ace of golds and the three golds will be a stroke of luck or inheritance that will earn you a lot of money. Meaning. - Things are going well you feel safe and with more confidence, you can do everything you set your mind because you have sunlight to light you

Sun Reversed

He talks about delays in situations that were taken for granted, and a tendency to undertake business beyond his means. Indicates, self-esteem, pride, vanity and selfishness Bad luck in business and no matter how to get out of them, illness, marriage failure, bad friends and deceptive, danger of monetary losses. Frustration in the couple. A person who tries to keep up appearances.

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