The Magician

All About The Magician, One of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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The Magician

The Magician Description

When Magician appears in a spread we can expect opportunity to knock at the door out the blue. Any skills or resources necessary to see a project get off the ground will be made available to us. The Magician can also appear in our lives as a cheeky chap character with confidence and a charismatic flair for translating ideas into productivity.

The Magician has the gift of the gab and uses his charm to his advantage, a born salesman he could sell sand in the desert.

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Magician Upright

Represents creativity and originality, ability to carry out a task. Originality, creativity. The consulting, the conscious, the psychological. Physical plane.- strength to get out of diseases, good health. Active will, masculine energy, creativity, action, intuitive knowledge of the secrets of life and the Universe. Awareness of the means that as a person you have received in your hands. Self responsibility Self-realization Use magic only for good. Strength for everything that is undertaken, skill, commercial ability, changes that open around us, person with feet on the ground, trustworthy but not sentimental, who knows how to face reality.

Magician Reversed

It indicates the existence of a weak will, indecision, lack of aptitude, insecurity, restlessness, delay and lack of imagination. lies, vanity, egocentrism. Next to the tower, the devil or possible death I work black or green magic. If it is next to the priestess, the magic is done. Chattering, and magician's skill for deception. Situations that get out of control.

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