All About Justice, One of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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Justice Description

When we see the Justice card in a reading it indicates a time when careful thinking is required. We will need to weigh up a situation in an attempt to find a fair balance or the truth.

This card often signifies legal issues that are awaiting a just outcome or decisions that require careful consideration. We must address this situation with impartial and balanced thought.

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Justice Upright

Sincere desire, full of good intentions, You are balanced, you see the truth, you have clarity. You face the facts. You must close unfinished business. Pending lawsuits Negotiations and lawsuits, judgments won, reward, marriage pleasures in family. Next to the world fight that is won. Next to the moon grave injustice. Arcane linked to lawyers, contracts, property, rewards, equity, virtue, harmony, sales, politicians, merchants, all matters related to justice, separations, claims, taxes,. In the sport indicates referees, line judges sanctions. Physical plane.- teeth, throat, breathing, asthma.

Justice Reversed

Risk of false accusations, prejudice of intolerance, disloyalty and abuse. Material and sexual moral imbalance, abuse of power, lawsuits that are lost, deception in relation to lawyers, false accusations, abuse of trust, bad relationships, friends, marriage, etc.

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