All About Strength, One of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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Strength Description

The Strength card represents the inner strength required to face a challenge. Usually the challenge is with us and not an external force. We may need to muster up willpower and courage to give up something we know isn’t good for us. The battle is often with our head and our hearts.

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Strength Upright

It symbolizes the greatness and power that strength has, but not in the material but in the moral. It is a good time for everything, because true strength is not alien to the principles of justice. Accept and love your body with all its needs, natural energies and impulsive force, you will feel great energy and strength growing within you. Awareness of eternity. Strength of spirit, power of intelligence, confidence, presence of mind, organizing talent. Reconciliation with a friend. Victory of brute force through intelligence, ideas full of vigor and strength, to pay attention to dreams. Physical and divine moral force. Indicates, money, fortune, love, title with effort, strength to master luck, passions controlled by morality and conscience. Good health or vitality after diseases and operations Physical plane.- Thighs,

Strength Reversed

It symbolizes impotence, illness and weakness. Loss of work, cowardice, lack of vitality, impotence, sexual problems, lack of encouragement to any problem, work, studies or relationships.

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