The Empress

The Empress Card In Tarot - Tarot Card Meanings

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The Empress

The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

  • Maternal Influences
  • Fertility
  • Abundance

The Empress has a strong maternal influence; it represents motherhood, fertility and sometimes pregnancy or a birth. This is a happy card and can also reflect a good marriage or productivity. The key theme here is abundance whether it’s creativity or nurture and nourishment it’s available by the bucket load.

More About The Empress Learn More About All The Meanings Of The Empress Tarot Card Upright Empress Meaning

It symbolizes the feminine progress, the balance and the solution of the problems. Intelligent woman, understanding, educated, full of charms. Internal and external richness, fullness, maternal authority, fertility, motherly femininity, affection, maturity, relaxation, union with nature, satisfaction. Emotional subconscious. Great passions. Desired love, physical relationships. Ease in social relations. You will find a person of the opposite sex with strong personality. Power of seduction. Physical plane.- Blood circulation, veins. Material successes physical soul and ego, materialism. The poetess. It can mean marriage, fertility, intelligence, success, mother, sister, wife. Wealth, intuition, achievements. Head high projects, strong decision.

Reverse Empress Meaning

Lack of concentration, interest, presumption, vanity. Family problems, sexual, professional, jealousy, sterility, infidelity, problems with water, falsehood, vanity, excessive spending, desire for prominence. Interest acquires possessive. Event that worries a lot.

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