The Chariot

All About The Chariot, One of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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The Chariot

The Chariot Description

There’s usually a lot going on in our lives when we see the Chariot in a spread, things may seem unsettled. We may literally be traveling from one place to another or we may move home.

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Chariot Upright

Domain of situations Ability to make one's opinion prevail. Initiatives that will culminate successfully. Triumph with effort, desire for freedom, desires, impulses to overcome, promises power, magnetism, justice, success, progress towards the goal related to business and projects. Indicates short trips, get the card, the dream car. Arcane of taxi drivers and truck drivers. balance, dominating intelligence to matter. Physical plane, need to check stomach, liver, pancreas, biliary system, fatigue, leg injury, disease.

Chariot Reversed

Indicates frustration in work and businesses that go wrong; announces dangerous journeys and displacements and tells us about the possibility of accidents, failures and losses. It can also announce fatal errors, the existence of repressions, inhibitions and frustrations. Lack of balance, immoral business, losses and failures, enemies, defeat in sport

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