All About Temperance, One of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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Temperance Description

When we see Temperance in a spread we need to exercise moderation in order to achieve harmony and balance. We may need to balance our personal and working lives or we may be overdoing something.

This is a positive card which signifies self-control, confidence and peace of mind.

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Temperance Upright

It symbolizes moderation, moral and physical forces. Caring tolerant, skill and patience. Happy harmony Fusion of forces, friendly work, harmonious, friendly meeting new and rewarding relationships, changes with profit, flexible nature, time to strengthen the soul, reciprocity in the affections, help for those who need protection (spiritualists and people who contact the afterlife ). Self-control that leads to success, affections or friendships, the possibility of a fortunate marriage, a satisfactory sexual life, a predominance of the mystical-idealistic. Favorable contracts, material solution of the problems. Physical plane.- Problems with sight, naturopathic cures, congestion, allergies.

Temperance Reversed

Symbol of conflict of interest, period of failure and sterility. Excessive influence of the opinions of others lack of personality and initiative, imbalance and emotional mental block. Cooling a relationship. Material separation disease and exhaustion. Discord, frustrations, sterility, inconstancy, business that does not work, unpleasant changes .

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