The Devil

All About The Devil, One of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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The Devil

The Devil Description

The Devils represents a state of bondage, we are tied to a certain situation in which we have little or no control. We could feel compelled to stay in a damaging and controlling relationship because we don’t have the strength to break free. Sometimes the Devil manifests as a dependency on alcohol or some other addictive substance. Whatever the weakness is we will be forced to confront a negative aspect of our being and call on our inner strength in order to avoid self-destructive behavior.

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Devil Upright

Uncontrolled force that manifests when the subject is desperate. When he feels insidious, offended, surrounded that he has been robbed something very personal, He speaks of limitations and traumas. Obsessive states of the mind. A tormented personality, a self-destructive spirit, or the existence of painful situations. It also indicates passion, sexuality and carnal desire.

Devil Reversed

It indicates the presence of destructive forces, evil, madness, suicide, psychic and mental self-destruction, fraud, excessive desire for power and fears. With the TOWER the DEATH the ERMITAÑO or the PAPA, criminal activities, risk of arrest and imprisonment. Madness, abuse, sadism, suicide, black magic crime.

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